The Nick White Show – Series Trailer (March 2022)

First series trailer.

Nick and Sally’s commentary:

Sally! That awful showrunner woman didn’t use any of the artistic nudes I took of myself when she wasn’t looking! Bloody Philistine!”
“Oh… well, I’m sure it’s just that YouTube doesn’t allow that sort of thing.”
“Well, they should!”
“Yes, Mr. White.”
“How else are we supposed to get ladies excited to watch the show if we can’t show them the goods?”
“Oh, I don’t know, Mr. White, but I think the show creator said something about running ads?”
“Hmph… and I never did get the 8-ball of cocaine I demanded in my rider, either.”
“Should I call your dealer, Mr. White?”
“Yes, damn it!”

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The Nick White Show: “The Smoke Pit” (pre-trailer)

From the video description: A typical morning in the smoke pit next to the world-famous Starboard Sound, owned by rock star Nick White. Well, OK, afternoon. Late afternoon. Anyway, we briefly meet our cast, plus some randos who walked by and vandalized the wall as they passed by. Nick and Sally’s commentary: “Did you see … Read moreThe Nick White Show: “The Smoke Pit” (pre-trailer)