Joanne White

“Do we have to say something about your wife, Mr. White?”
“Ugh… I suppose so, otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it.”
“Well… what exactly does she do, anyway?”
“But she must have some accomplishments.”
“Well, she tricked me into marrying her by claiming to be pregnant but miraculously was on her period on the wedding night… and seemingly every night since.”
“Oh, OK.”
“And if there’s a world record for wasting my money, she surely got top honors there.”
“She screams a lot, too.”
“No, she lies there and yawns… oh, you mean when we’re fighting? Yes. Yes, she does.”

Joanne White is Mr. White’s third ex-wife.

Oops, did I say ‘ex-wife’? My bad.

She doesn’t cook, she doesn’t clean, but she does spend a lot of money and far too much time with her personal trainer, Hans.

And her hair color is as fake as her boobs.

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