Sally Hernandez

“Sally, did you remember to tell the people about yourself?”
“Oh, um… not yet, Mr. White. What should I say?”
“Oh, I don’t know. Bra size, turn ons, turn offs, that sort of thing. Whatever the whores in Hustler used to put in their bios.”
“Well, OK.”
“Good. Tell Jason I’m out of Chivas and to fetch me another case while you’re at it.”
“Yes, Mr. White.”

Hi, my name is Sally Hernandez. I’ve worked for Mr. White for almost 10 years now. I’m the receptionist here at Starboard Sound and I also take care of Mr. White’s scheduling and paperwork and whatnot… well, outside of what his manager, agent, lawyer, publicist, and accountant take care of.

Um, I really don’t think I should be saying anything about my bra size or turn ons, even though I know Mr. White said to, so, um… Well, outside of work, I like to cook and read, and sometimes I have time to knit. I like watching HGTV and historical dramas, and my favorite author is Jane Austen. I have two sisters, Carolina and Alba, and I have a boyfriend named Joel, and… oh, excuse me, I have to go let the liquor delivery truck into the courtyard now.

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