Betty Blum

“Don’t talk to Betty!”
“But I have to write something about her for the website, Mr. White.”
“That doesn’t mean you have to talk to her. And you certainly shouldn’t believe anything she tells you. Especially about me.”
“What would Betty say about you that’s bad?”
“Look, all you need to say is that ol’ Backstage Betty has had more miles of rockstar cock than even Pamela Des Barres. And more plastic surgery than Cher.”
“Well, but if it weren’t for girls like Betty…”
“I’m not saying sluts don’t have their uses, Sally, I’m just saying you shouldn’t listen to them.”

Betty manages Lucky Luigi‘s and has worked in the strip club business for longer than she cares to say as a dancer, bartender, and manager.

She spent the ’80s partying with rock stars and has six children… none of whom have famous dads or yielded lucrative child support windfalls.

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