Pádraig Ó Seachnasaigh

“How does one spell Pádraig’s name again?”
“Um… I think it starts with a P, Sally.”
“No, I mean his last name.”
“Can’t you just skip it?”
“He’ll get mad that I forgot again.”
“Well, ask Atlanta, she seems to know everything. Why do the Irish have to have such impossible spellings for everything anyway?”
“I don’t know, Mr. White.”
“It’s out of pure spite, isn’t it?”
“But Pádraig doesn’t seem spiteful!”
“No, but it’s part of their national character. We English went over to civilize the place and they’ve never shown an ounce of gratitude for it.”
“Oh, Mr. White, I don’t think you should say that to Pádraig. He’ll be very upset.”
“And do what, love?”
“Well… I’m not sure, but the other day he was asking if I knew how much ammonium nitrate would fit in your Porsche.”
“Ammonium nitrate… wait, what? He’d better not be transporting fertilizer for Atlanta’s marijuana plants in my Porsche! I just had it detailed!”

Pádraig was born and raised in Ireland but came to Canazuela a few years ago to escape the high taxes… in retrospect, perhaps Canazuela wasn’t such a great idea in that regard.

He works as a DJ at Lucky Luigi‘s Gentlemen’s Club.

He likes crypto, NFTs, income properties, and whisky.

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