Zosime Xenakis

Sally, darling, why are you putting Suzy on the website?”
“Well, because Zosime’s your manager and she’s been in a couple episodes now.”
“Suzy isn’t my manager, love, she’s my manager’s assistant. Mark is my manager.”
“But didn’t Mark retire a few years ago, Mr. White? And Zosime took over?”
“Nonsense. Mark’s just on a sailing trip. He should be back any day now.”
“Um, well… OK, but in the meantime, Zosime’s your manager.”
“Women can’t be managers! What sort of feminazi nonsense have you gotten into your head?”
“Well, it’s just that Zosime’s the one who makes all the decisions. And her card says ‘artist management’.”
“Pfft! Just because Suzy got herself some fancy new business cards when Mark’s been away in Tahiti doesn’t make it true.”
“But, I mean, she does handle all the manager-type work for you.”
“Only in Mark’s absence, love. Good Lord, first you get this ridiculous notion that there’s a girl God, now you think women can be managers. What’s next? A woman president? Ridiculous! Now, be a good girl and go fetch me a beer and some nachos. Oh, and rub my shoulders, I’m all stiff and sore.”
“Yes, Mr. White.”

Zosime Xenakis has been working in artist management for over 20 years, starting as an intern with Pop Trash Inc. before getting her MBA from Yale and subsequently becoming Mark Hoffman’s right-hand woman at Chart Toppers Management Inc. for 15 years before eventually taking over the company upon Hoffman’s retirement in 2019.

Xenakis represents a variety of arena-level talent in both rock and country, but her passion remains as the roster of highly acclaimed jazz fusion artists she built up on the side starting when she herself was a music major at Carrington University and working part-time at Pop Trash.

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