Richard Browne

“I suppose we have to say something about Dickhead.”
“Yes, Mr. White.”
“But we don’t have to say something nice, do we?”
“Well, we probably should.”
“Oh, I don’t know, my lawyer’s better than his lawyer. Or at least my lawyer is more expensive. So he must be better.”
“Still, Mr. Browne’s been a loyal client here for so long. We should say something nice.”
“Hmm… can’t think of anything. Did he give you a bio to put in the website?”
“No, Mr. White; he said to copy and paste his Wikipedia page and fuck off if I wasn’t going to suck his… you know.”
“Grr… Sally, when was the last time we raised the rate for Studio 3?”
“Last week, Mr. White.”
“Well, raise it another 5% and blame inflation when he complains.”
“Yes, Mr. White. But I really think we should say something nice about Mr. Browne.”
“Oh, alright… well, the last time Dickhead fucked a whore on my SSL, he managed to find one that wasn’t a squirter so clean-up was minimal.”
“OK, Mr. White, I’ll put that in.”
“Either that or he couldn’t make her cum. Which is, I think, the more likely scenario.”

From Wikipedia: Richard Browne is a Canazuelan record producer, mixer, songwriter and musician. The former member of bands Cat Scratch and Horny started his recording career in Vancouver working as an engineer at Hillworks Studios. He has been described by Bowling Stoned as the “engineer” of Boogaloo Sugar’s 1986 White Lines album.[1]

Browne has worked with many artists including Pop Folk Bimbo, Tween Dream, Hammer, Goth Jesus, Diary of a Coke Fiend, Insert Lame CanCon Slogan Here, Pansy, Dude Who Fucked Mick Jagger, Cat Scratch, Lizard Breath, Commie Beat Factory, The Also Rans, Never Heard Of Them, The Mall Goths, Horny, Concept Album Douchebags, One Hit Wonder Geezers, Some Local Band You Never Heard Of, Indie Hipster Garbage, The Soy Boys, Lame Metallica Wannabes, Pop Punk Razor Scratches, Methalicious, Legendary Punk Losers, Syphilis and the VD Crew, and countless others.

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