About the Creator

The Nick White Show is created by Pyra

Sally, what’s this nonsense? Who’s Pyra?”
“Pyra is the creator of the show.”
“What? Creator? You mean God?”
“Yes, Mr. White. She created us according to her will and vision and she writes the scripts we live out.”
“Wait, ‘she’? ‘She’!? Are you trying to tell me God is a woman?”
“Apparently, yes.”
“Well, that’s ridiculous. If God is a woman, why doesn’t the world blow up every 28 days when she’s on the rag?”
“Oh, um… well, I don’t know, Mr. White.”
“Silly women and your silly notions. What makes you so sure about this?”
“Well, she told me.”
“What? She gave you stone tablets on top of Mount Sinai?”
“No, she sent me a Word document.”
“Word document… You expect me to believe the Lord Our God uses Microsoft products?”
“Well, that’s what she sent me!”
“Absurd! Next you’ll try to tell me God loves Bono more than me!”
“Well, I mean… her blog indicates she’s a big fan and collects U2 memorabilia, so…”
“Heresy! How dare you! And to think a broad created the entire universe… What? In between shopping, filing her nails, and watching Oprah?”
“Well, I don’t know if she created the entire universe, but she did create us!”
“Pfft! I’m going to go ask Pádraig what he thinks. He may be a bloody pagan but he’ll surely have more reasonable thoughts than you and your superstitious girl-god nonsense!”
“OK, Mr. White. Should I vacuum your office while you’re out?”
“Of course! And dust my guitars while you’re at it!”
“Yes, Mr. White.”

Pyra Draculea is a writer, artist, and comedian currently based on the West Coast of Canada. She used to make industrial rock and experimental noise under the name maQLu.

Aside from working on this show, her main project is Noah’s Archipelago, a quasi-daily webcomic about the (mis-)adventures of Noah Thorsen, a stay-at-home-dad and cover band rock star (in his own mind). She also paints and draws and a whole lot of that seems to center on this childhood/adolescent obsession with rock stars, too… No, Nick, there’s no need for you to pose naked for such art, put your pants back on… gawd…

For more information on her various projects or to see occasional pics of that memorabilia collection (not just U2, but there is a lot of that sort of thing), check out her blog at pyradraculea.com or follow her on Instagram @pyradraculea.