The Nick White Show: “The Smoke Pit” (pre-trailer)

From the video description:

A typical morning in the smoke pit next to the world-famous Starboard Sound, owned by rock star Nick White.

Well, OK, afternoon. Late afternoon.

Anyway, we briefly meet our cast, plus some randos who walked by and vandalized the wall as they passed by.

Nick and Sally’s commentary:

“Did you see that bloody Irishman defacing my poster wall, Sally?”
“Yes, Mr. White. I told Pádraig you don’t like him writing IRA slogans on your property because you said the Brits found Ireland fair and square and the whole ‘finders keepers’ rule ought to apply the same as America, and he said he’d remove it when he got around to it.”
“When will that be? And anyway, I was talking about the other bloody Irishman.”
“Well, Pádraig didn’t say, exactly. And what other Irishman do you mean? I thought Pádraig was the only Irishman we knew.”
“You know damn well who I mean! He’s in the video right before Pádraig!”
“I have no idea who you’re talking about.”
“He’s right there! He came and wrote some inane peace slogan and then he left with that redheaded bimbo!”
“Mr. White, are you feeling OK? I think you might be hallucinating.”